Android x86 for Windows

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  • V 9.0-r2
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An open-source Android port for x86 machines

There are a lot of reasons for wanting to port a mobile OS on your personal computer. Maybe your mobile device is outdated and it can no longer run more advanced apps. Maybe you want to develop a new app and it’s just more productive for you to try it on your computer. The point is, it’s no longer uncommon to port a mobile OS on your computer. The Android x86 is a software that allows you to port the Android OS to x86 machines. It was developed by the Android x86 Team and it is one of the best ways to port the Android OS to computers.

Benefits of Open-Source

Probably on the best things about the Android x86 is the fact that it’s open-source. An open-source software means that the development of the software involves collaboration between a lot of parties. The source code is available to a lot of people and everybody can add and contribute. This is a great thing for the Android x86 because a lot of people are able to share their expertise to make the software the best that it can be. 

The open-source development also means that bugs and problems for different devices can be ironed out by the many people who are testing the software out. The development of the software continues and users can expect updates as Android itself updates its OS.

A Serviceable Port

The program does exactly what it advertised. It is a port of the Android OS and it performs its functions properly. Once completely set-up on the computer that needs it, the Android port works perfectly. All the features of an Android OS are in the port. Therefore, the Android x86 can perform all of the functions of Android devices. What’s even better is that this port can actually support WiFi and Bluetooth. 

Some Concerns

One massive concern about this product is the fact that it can supposedly only support a small selection of devices. Another problem is the difficulty in making the program work. The installer comes as an ISO file and you need an additional software to download it. The ISO file itself is very large and running the port is very resource-heavy. Despite this, it’s worth giving it a shot just because of how complete it is as an Android port. 

Fulfills a Necessity

If you’re ever in need of an Android port, the Android x86 might be what you need. It has all the features you’ll be looking for in an Android port. So far, as long as users have a compatible device, then there have been no known issues regarding the use of the port. The Android x86 is definitely worth a try for your Android porting needs.


  • Open-source development
  • An acceptable Android port
  • Not a lot of bugs
  • Can perform Android functions easily


  • Only supports a small number of computers
  • The file size is large
  • Needs additional software to work
  • Resource-heavy

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Android x86 for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 9.0-r2
  • 3.7
  • (527)
  • Security Status

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    I am sure, I need it. I recommend it because it very important.


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